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  • The world is finite even for music streaming: why we should all be slowing down

    Robert Henke’s Facebook post about the usefulness of CDs prompted me to reconsider the notion that music streaming is bad for us. I release my music on Bandcamp and also with the big players Spotify, Apple Music, and so on. For me, it is important to have the music available in as many places as […]

  • I composed the music for a dance piece about the digital side of our everyday life

    In march 2022 i was part of a production with Öff Öff. A contemporary dance piece called “Separate Reality” for which i wrote the music. A piece by Alexa von Wehren. The dancers are Jack Wignall, Flurin Kappenberger, Sandra Klimek & Catherine Jaeger, Video by Tae Peter, Light by Raphael Vuilleumier. When most people think […]

  • Separate Reality

    Der Tanz um das goldene Bild Für mich ist es das erste Mal, dass ich Musik zu einem Tanzstück mache. Viele der Musikstücke sind bereits veröffentlicht aber einiges ist auch neu entstanden. Ich habe die Playlist der bereits veröffentlichten Stücke hier zusammengestellt. Die neuen Stücke sollen eine Überraschung bleiben. Hier das Programm. See you there!

  • Love Will Guide Us

    This mix is a collection of slow tempo house tracks with minimal vocals. I wanted to create a relaxed, chilled out vibe with this music. I hope you enjoy it! Listen on Soundcloud

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